€25 voucher with every first order!

Dear newcomers,

We know that maybe you haven’t heard of us, and that probably you find it difficult to entrust us with your most valuable clothing items. We understand that clothing items can have a very high emotional, or monetary value, which is why we are committed to giving each individual piece our full attention and care.

Probably, this has not convinced you yet, as you might be wondering whether the pick-up and delivery service will work or if your clothes will be returned to you in one piece. Don’t worry, it works, and most of the times they are… 😊 Just kidding, of course they are.

However, the best way to show you that we strongly believe in the quality of our service, is to let you try it for free. Therefore, we are offering a €25 voucher to every newly signed-up customer on his/her first order. Try it, and if you don’t like it, at least you didn’t spend any money on it.

We are looking forward to taking care of your dirty laundry. Please share any feedback you might directly with our team via moien@klin.lu.


The klin Team